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VelcimPOS Features

Point of Sale


Offer Printed or Electronic Receipts.

Cash Monitoring

Track cash register details.

Modify Items

Modify Orders with add-ons, applicable for restaurants.

Multiple Locations

Manage multiple stores. They can be monitored and managed under one account.

Any Device

Sell products using Android or iOS Devices.

Credit System

Offer the option to buy now, pay later.

Barcode Scanner

Easily set up and use Barcode Scanners for easy checkout.


Set and Offer Discounts to your customers.

Inventory Management

Track Inventory

Real-time tracking of products and processes.

Purchase Orders

Easily manage POs and communication with suppliers.

Stock Adjustments

Manage stock levels in certain events.

Stock Transfers

Manage the transfer of products between stores.

Easy Import

Import your current inventory into the system.

Barcode Printing

Deploy barcodes easily.

Stock Alerts

Be notified when items are low on stock.

Inventory Reports

Get detailed reports of any part of your inventory.



Easily manage Purchase Orders and Credits


Automatic shipping calculations.


Detailed inventory system. (See Inventory Section)


Automatic invoicing features.


Manage employee payrolls. (HRM-enabled packages)


Detailed reports on almost every aspect of the business.

Payment Accounts

Fund Transfer

Transfer funds between different payment accounts.

Cash Flow Monitoring

Get an overview of transactions for specific payment accounts.


Deposit into your payment accounts (e.g. Bank Accounts)

Automatic Calculations

Link Purchases, Sales, and Expenses with a payment account.

Employee Management

Employee Profile

Employees can register contact details and other info.

Access Levels

Manage what your employees can access.

More features on the HR Management section below.

Supplier and Client Management

Track Payments

Track payment details, status, and dues.

Credit Limit

Limit the amount of Credit a customer can claim.

Easy Import

Import current supplier and client details.


Store contact information for easy access.



Monitor daily, weekly, monthly, and annual trends.


Review transactions with the help of the sorting system.


Quick Summary of Purchases, Sales, and Expenses.

Popular Products

Determine the most popular products through sorting.

Report System

Tax Report

Detailed report from the Tax system.

Stock Report

Detailed breakdown of inventory.

Register Report

Details and History of the Cash Register.

Profit / Loss Report

Detailed Statement and Sorting of Profit and Loss.

Supplier and Customer Report

Summary of user transactions.

Expense Report

Total and Graph of all expenses.

Loyalty Program

Reward Points

Give reward points per set amount spent.

Customer Logs

Find your most loyal customers based on data.

Restaurant Management

POS Tables

Assign orders to tables in the POS.

Service Staff

Assign service to a specific employee.

POS Modifiers

Modify orders with add-ons (e.g. Topping, Sauce).

Kitchen Display

Send orders to the kitchen instantly.

HR Management

Employee Attendance

Allows employees to Clock In and Out. Allows monitoring of employee attendance.


Set holiday periods for your business.

Employee Leave

Leave request feature for employees. Set and monitored by the owner.

Payroll Calculation

Calculate payroll based on work data on each employee.

Manufacturing Management

Production Management

Manage Production processes and monitor Production Costs.

Recipe Management

Manage raw materials, wastage data, and final quantities.

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