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High Quality Software

We always make sure that our products are fully functional, very reliable, and highly beneficial.

Adaptive Features

We always make sure that your needs and preferences are fully satisfied.

Subtle & Clean Design

We ensure a clean, sleek, subtle, and modern design based on your preferences.

Bringing Services to You

These Delivery Applications are designed to provide services to people from the comfort of their home. Velcim is dedicated to providing small businesses and their customers better opportunities, these apps follow that goal in a more mainstream way compared to our other services.

Currently available in select areas in Abra, Philippines
Coming Soon

Boost Your Online Presence

Websites can boost the online presence of anyone. We can design and develop your own website while you relax and focus on other things with our Worry-Free, End-to-End Web Development service!

Automate Your Business

Businesses that sign up for Management Systems can immediately see the amazing advantages it brings! Our Software Systems go through rigorous testing before we proceed with client tests for an ensured quality control.



Software Development and Deployment

          We offer multiple software systems ready for deployment! Our systems are compatible with almost any business models. We also offer custom software for businesses that are not compatible with any of our systems.


Web Design & Development

          The Velcim Web service offers a personalized online presence that adapts to the overall theme of your business. This service includes Hosting, Domain Registration, and other Technical requirements to get your site online while you focus on other things and keep the business running. Enjoy a worry-free and relaxing web service!


Consulting Service

          The Velcim Technology Consulting service offers detailed advice and guidance for the current flow of your business. This may include simple advising and introduction to digital data and/or questions and inquiries on current or future systems. This may also include the checking of current processes and advising possible ways to use technology to increase efficiency, therefore improving the overall accuracy and speed of your business. Tech Maintenance is also included.


Velcim Web Hosting

          We offer a top-tier web hosting service that scales with your business! With our Shared Hosting Offer, Web Hosting is easier and more affordable than ever. Professional Support and Maintenance included!



All-in-One Business Management Solution


Digital Security Solution
All-In-One School Management System