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Digital Security System


Secure Data Protection

Take advantage of Velcim’s secure encryption system to protect your personal or business data from both inside threats and outside threats.

User Friendly Interface and Usage

The system’s User-Friendly design makes it possible for almost anyone to use the product and reap everything the system has to offer.


VirtualSafe is built to be used by any individual in any sector, from personal computers to businesses and companies, anyone can take advantage of VirtualSafe’s protection system.

The System

Velcim’s Secure Encryption

VirtualSafe uses our new Encryption System to protect your data. This makes sure that no matter what an intruder does, they will never be able to access your data without your consent.

Optional Physical Key System

This feature allows the user to gain an additional layer of security by using an external drive as a physical key to unlock the protected files! If this is activated, not only will potential perpetrators need your secure password, but also your physical key, and with the proper settings, your unique copy of VirtualSafe.

Logging System

VirtualSafe keeps track of the actions made within the system. Whenever a user protects or recovers a file, those actions are recorded, to be reviewed or cleared by the main user. This helps ensure that your system is still free from unauthorized access.