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It’s time to grow.

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Save Time

Save hours of manual work that our system can automate for you.

Increase Sales

Our user-friendly system speeds up customer processing and increases sales!

Stay Informed Anytime

Our cloud service allows you to check the status of your business anytime, anywhere.

More Accurate Data

Increase accuracy of Inventories, History, Sales, Expenses, and every other data.

Easy Purchases

Too many suppliers and purchase info? The system can automate purchases for you!

Credit Tracking

Accept credits? You will never lose track of them with our information systems.

Ring up customers on any device!

You can use the Online POS and every other feature on almost any device!


Windows and Mac POS

Use desktops and laptops to process customer checkouts at your counter!

Android POS

The system can be used by multiple users at the same time. This allows you and your staff to use the product anywhere!

Apple POS

The system can be accessed on iPads and iPhones, therefore allowing you to monitor your business anytime, anywhere!

Businesses that work great with VelcimPOS



Retail and Trading

Cafes and Restaurants

Service Providers

and Many More!

List of Features

Summary of system features.

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